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Beat Your Beast is platform for coaching and consciousness developement to cultivate clarity, mental strength, benevolence and was found by me, Jäz Romero. The core work of Beat Your Beast are coachings based on Reference Point Technique (RPT). The blog wants to provide content well balanced between lighheartedness, humor and serenity, that amuse, uplift and inspire to reflect. Beat Your Beast wants to spark understanding and compassion. I think understanding ourself and what drives our actions and emotions is key fort hat. Beat Your Beast should be fun and deliver support, clarity and strength.

Beat Your Beast stands for an attitude

 Beat Your Beast stands for an attitude of perseverence; to keep and strenghthen the good in you, your true self, and also to do the work necessary to heal or to take the next step. It is not about fighting against your feelings in the sense of resistence. Quite the contrary.

When we experience pain it can seem intriguing to indulge in destructive behaviour – revenge, break-up, violence etc. That might feel good for a moment but mostly doen´t on the long-run. And what happens further ist: we cloud our true nature. We allow an event to change us. This does not always show in strong reactions but also in behaviour like cynism, nagging, being pretentious, being offish, over-pleasing etc.

Beat Your Beast shall mean not to indulge in that – at least not permanently. And this works by staying conscious, recognizing these mechanisms and transform them. Beat Your Beast and Coachings with RPT support you in exactly that!

Freedom arises when you can be your own authority and you live according to your own values. (Of course it is also important to be considerate and not only do things that serve yourself but also others – in any case you should not harm anybody.) Once you take responsibility for your life you also get to controle the parameters that you want to have in your life.

Therefore it is important to be know your own values. Also in that Beat Your Beast wants to support. Knowing your true values and establishing them in your life. Why exactly do I do certain things and why do I strive for that? Is it really because I want it or am I doing it because certain people want me to or I simply always thought these were my own values but they´re more unconsciously adopted.

Letting go is the new optimization

 Beat Your Beast does not want to give more high-performance or optimization advice but rather encourage that things may become simpler. Instead of adding something it is about letting things go; resolving blocking emotions or patterns to get back to your natural being. Entering your natural flow where life can support you.

Getting there can feel like a battle. Especially when starting out. With the Reference Point Technique this endeavor is only temporary and serves the purpose of establishing higher qualities within you. A state of consciousness where we can make conscious decisions and naturally choose constructive over destructive.

Differentiation instead of happy- happy-joy-joy

 It`s not about only and always being positive, thinking only “good” thoughts. There are wide spectrums of emotions and expressions of them and they all have their valid existence. Always wanting to keep everything peaceful can be as dysfunctional as always picking a quarrel. And yes, pain exists, anger, frustration, phantasies of kicking someone in the head like karate-kid exist.

The goal is to find the right balance. There is a natural appropriateness in the nature of things, so in words and their use and intensity. Part of this process is being able to express what is going on inside of you. Being “ authentic” means daring to show true emotions.

Beat you Beast means learning this differentiation and knowing, which inner voice do I trust and follow. Which thoughts and emotions lead my actions.

Last stop for Negativity

 Before I often had the feeling there was a little dwarf sitting on my shoulder, whispering negativity into my ear and it was exhausting this back and forth of “good and “bad” in my head. I didn´t even know where this chatter came from. Since I work with RPT I don´t experience this anymore. Calmness and clarity could be restored.

The battle between Good and Bad is also told in Yoga (…and yes, of course also in Star Wars!). Bhagavat Gita describes that our real enemies are not strangers from the outside but are our very own lower, inferior character traits. It calls to keeping the true inner self in focus. The game or battle of good and bad seems inherent in this world. And of course we wand the good to win. This chance of course has to come within us. Only then the world will change. All qualities you want to see realized in this world, realize them within you!

I follow (as best as I can) a yogic principle: when negativity comes my way I want to be it´s last stop. I don´t pass it on, I transform it. This way this (karmic) cycle of negativity ends and won´t live on.

What to expect from Beat Your Beast?

I hope you have more of an idea about Beat Your Beast now. You now know it´s about Coaching, Reference Point Technique to be specific and about training and developing your consciousness.

In addition the to the coaching Beat Your Beast wants to deliver valuable content in this Blog. I will share from my experience, observations about my wonderings and information I gather from semiars, books, workshops, ashram experience etc. Like all of us I am, and Beat Your Beast is a work in progress.

I am excited and full of “wanna-do” and hope Beat Your Beast is of value to you – one way or the other! You are reading this, so I am very happy you are here. You´re in the right place.

See you soon and beat your beast!

What to do next? Also read about the coaching method Reference Point Technique.

About the author

Ich bin Jäz Romero, RPT Coach und Gründerin von Beat Your Beast®. RPT bietet die Möglichkeit schmerzhafte innere Zustände schnell und elegant aufzulösen. Von hier wird eine ganze Bandbreite an Möglichkeiten eröffnet für Dein Leben eröffnet. Jeder soll wissen, dass diese Art von Veränderung möglich ist.

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Beat Your Beast® ist Coaching und Bewusstseinsentwicklung für Klarheit, Stärke und Wohlwollen.

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