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The Reference Point Technique is the coaching method of Beat Your Beast. Coaching is the core work of Beat Your Beast. As putting all of the information on the website, here is a blog post to explain the technique a little more in depth and make you familiar with it. I hope it is helpful and inspirational.

What is Reference Point Technique?

 The Reference Point Technique, in short RPT, is an effective, converstional Coaching and healing modality that can resolve limiting emotional and behavioural patterns, anxiety and trauma permanently. What is special with this coaching method is working intensely with introspection taking into account the mental, emotional and instinctive aspects of our being. By methodical questioning unconscious emotional entanglements can become clear. Becoming aware and clear about your own emotions will set free energy and allow you to be self-determined, focused and even-tempered.

The hidden gain behind limiting patterns

 How can´t relate to this: Eventhough we know, that a certain feeling, action or reactions does not take us very far but we just can´t help it just continuing to feel or act this way. Or we are stuck und just can´t figure out why. Every effort to move ahead feels so tough and straining as if invisible strings were holding us back. In short: By simply understanding problems and hurdles we don´t get anywhere. We need to feel a different possibility in our body so that our system allows us to show a different behaviour. As paradox it may sound: for our body, that is wired to secure our survival, these old, limiting patterns are “good”, as we did not die when we were showing these patterns. And here is the hidden benefit behind limiting reactions: on a deeper, unconscious level this pattern means security/survival for our system.

For our body safety is more important than change

 As safety is first our bodies first priority, the safety system consisting of patterns which we have established is very powerful. When triggered by a specific event our body starts the program that he has once learned and associated with safety. The more this program was performed the deeper became this association. These patterns help keeping us alive and are useful when in danger but not all of these patterns we once learned, mostly unconsciously and on autopilot, are adequate for our present day situation and serve us well for getting ahead. Many patterns go back to our early childhood when our survival was – in contrary to our present day situation – still dependent on other people, like our parents or other people with authority. And some of our patterns don´t even develop out of our own experience but are taken on. Because even before we are born still in our mother’s womb we learn what brings safety. Basically everything our mother does and –even more so- feels we associate with safety – unfortunately even if they are destructive patterns.

Transformation by working with survival instincts

 It is the same with survival instincts that are – as the name already tells – are supposed to help get out of a life threatening situation and should be activated only temporarily. Sometimes though this energy pattern gets stuck in our body. A trigger therefore could be a traumatic situation. Traumatic in the sense of RPT means: our subjective feeling of safety was threatened. If we experience a situation that is too much for our nervous system to process our body switches into an emergency default mode. In that mode our capacities are limited and geared solely towards survival. Our intuitive body takes over and we´re no longer master of our actions. In instinctive mode we’re not really able to take conscious decisions in regard of our actions and reactions. It is more that the reaction is happening for us and sometimes we are surprised by our own behaviour.

In our daily life these instinctive patterns don´t become that obvious. We rarely notice that we switched into survival mode and, for example, freeze. More likely we notice an active instinctive pattern by having depressive thoughts. What happens here is that our rational mind translates the frozen –or numb – feeling inside with corresponding thoughts. Inside of us a very complex interaction of thoughts, feelings and instincts is at play. Even more that to our environment we react to our own thoughts and feelings which explains why one and the same situation will bring a different reactions out of different people.

Head, Heart, Guts –three centres of consciousness in coherence

 The core of Reference Point Technique is shedding a light on the three levels or centres of consciousness Head, Heart and Guts. This way the mental, emotional and instinctive planes are woven into the process.

When bringing our attention to these three centres of consciousness we discover that each centre has it´s own voice. Now if the head wants something other than the guts disharmony arises. Whereas if head, hearts and guts are in alignment, we are coherent and pursuing our goals becomes more focused and more powerful. Lasting change we obtain by working on the instinctive patterns.

Healing through acknowledgement

When we have found an activated survival instinct we can clear it with all it´s corresponding feelings and symptoms. That, of course, does not mean that we erase an instinct. Our instincts are but of our natural constitution and they cannot be erased – and shouldn’t be. But the unwanted entanglement of trigger and impulsive, unconscious reaction can be resolved: so we no longer run in an instinctive mode and with that are feed from an old pattern. Alternative options of behaving and reacting become available again and innate resources like calm, peace, confidence etc. can be felt and experienced again. Not reacting instantly on an impulse opens up a gap where we can pause, create space and choose what reaction we deem appropriate for this situation. Which exact resource or quality will shop up after clearing an instinctive pattern is very individual and different every time. What is for certain is that you will find exactly that quality that was blocked by the pattern we worked on. When we feel these resources, our qualities, we have created the necessary and physically felt alternative for our body to “dare” to alter behaviour and let go of an old, formerly trusted pattern.

What is Reference Point Technique based upon?

 The Reference Point Technique was developed on the basis of scientific research from fields of evolutionary biology, brain research, neuroscience and psychology and woven together with traditional wisdom like Yoga. Simon and Evette Rose are the creators of this technique. Their goal was to present a highly effective healing modality with a clear structure in order to help people heal trauma. Trauma being defined as mentioned above: any subjective feeling that your personal safety is threatened. Basic assumptions are that every person is healthy and complete at core. It is more about clearing blockages, letting go of limiting layers in your being and thus restoring innate health and wisdom. So that it is more about stripping off the unnecessary than learning or achieving something new, that is not already there.

Who Reference Point Technique for and do I need any special knowledge?

RPT is for anyone that wants to give his or her life an positive impulse. You don´t need any knowledge or experience and you will be guided and supportive to get the most out of your session. One thing you should be very aware of though is that you are the most important factor for your progress and your healing and have to take on that responsibility to have lasting success with it. By taking on responsibility you also (re-)gain control which is very empowering. Every RPT-session is complete in itself and as a result of every session you feel noticeable change or relief. In order for our mind being able to grasp this we measure the level of stress before and after each session.

The Reference Point Technique also has the big advantage that “old stories” and emotionally loaded details do not have to be explained or told in detail. By working on the corresponding feelings we achieve great results. RPT has a repertoire of different methods so that the most suitable approach for each individual reality can be applied. By working on patterns you have the possibility to clear a whole range of issues as usually one crucial emotion or emotional pattern holds all the others in place. Further than that Reference Point Technique is a wonderful tool to become more aware of your emotions in general and thus allows you to gain better understanding of yourself and your behaviour. This will support you to tackle future obstacles more easily and with mastery.

For coaching it does not require a problem

Last but not least I want to point out that by no means you need a severe problem in order to take a coaching. The quality of our being is heightened the more focus and purpose we have and feel in our life. The more we free ourselves from limiting emotions the greater will become the range of positive feelings in our life. Which has an enormous impact on our lives. When we act from a state of positivity we attract beneficial things into our lives and we become more determined and stronger in our will. When we feed strong inside we don´t allow to be distracted by other people´s behaviour and mood. Mastery than is to inspire others with our mere presence. So there are enough higher spheres to still be explored – and we actually should go on that exploration! It is good to want more out of life as long as what you aspire is good for you and also good for others. In that sense – Beat Your Beast!

I do that!

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Ich bin Jäz Romero, RPT Coach und Gründerin von Beat Your Beast®. RPT bietet die Möglichkeit schmerzhafte innere Zustände schnell und elegant aufzulösen. Von hier wird eine ganze Bandbreite an Möglichkeiten eröffnet für Dein Leben eröffnet. Jeder soll wissen, dass diese Art von Veränderung möglich ist.

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