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A dear friend asked me that question and continued: ‘I understand everything in my head but I can´t act differently.’ And that´s a classic. We notice that we´re repeating patterns but actually getting help seems exagerated to us. So we´re going in circles hoping that we´re going to solve the problem by ourself eventually. And...
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Beat Your Beast is platform for coaching and consciousness developement to cultivate clarity, mental strength, benevolence and was found by me, Jäz Romero. The core work of Beat Your Beast are coachings based on Reference Point Technique (RPT). The blog wants to provide content well balanced between lighheartedness, humor and serenity, that amuse, uplift and...
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The Reference Point Technique is the coaching method of Beat Your Beast. Coaching is the core work of Beat Your Beast. As putting all of the information on the website, here is a blog post to explain the technique a little more in depth and make you familiar with it. I hope it is helpful...
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About Beat Your Beast

Beat Your Beast® ist Coaching und Bewusstseinsentwicklung für Klarheit, Stärke und Wohlwollen.

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Why Beat Your Beast?
This is how Reference Point Technique works.